I'm Jordan Bowman.

I build meaningful web experiences for startups, events, products, authors, brands.

Clients hire me to...

Design and code new websites from scratch

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Improve or completely redesign an existing site

Consult on UX, engineering, and product strategy

I make sites that are...

Teacher Approved


I design to meet your specific objectives. For example, I built the Teacher Approved site to accentuate their unique benefits and drive conversions such as newsletter signup and subscriptions.

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Clean & modern.

I like making beautiful things. Catylist Research is a project I'm working on for my current employer that is fully responsive with a modern UI.

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Expertly engineered.

I start everything from scratch and handcraft every line of code. Pear illustrates my expertise – it’s an advanced, Sass–based front end kit I manage that utilizes the latest coding practices.

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What people say...

“It is easy to see that Jordan is a huge asset for any company he works with.”

Paul Haberny

Marketing Specialist at ComDoc, Inc.

“Jordan is not afraid of his ideas, he is a clear thinker, and an advocate for a good cause. He possesses creative abilities that help him make any project colorful and worthwhile.”

Travis Standley

HR Business Partner at Convergys

“Jordan is a diligent worker with the ability to produce quality work on every assignment he is given.”

Cory Hill

Organization Development Advisor at DriveTime

What to expect when working with me...


I bill on a per-project basis. That means that prices can vary widely depending on the project, but they're usually in the thousands.

I've found that people who are serious about their web projects are willing to pay what it takes to get the best professional results. Not all projects are that important, but some are. When I am hired, I bring everything to the table that I can to help you succeed.


Generally, I do thorough research at the beginning, then quickly create wireframes and moodboards before jumping right into actual prototypes. However, I’ve realized that there isn’t a single process that's perfect for every project. So, I try to be flexible and adapt to whatever each project calls for because I find that leads to a better output.

Timelines are normally between two and six months, but can vary greatly depending on you and your project's requirements.


Our relationship is very important to me so I'll spend some time getting to know you. Some things to know about me:

I like a challenge. I work for your customers so sometimes I side with them. I'm a partner, not a supplier, so trust me; that's why you hired me. I like to explore questions before giving answers. I try to be honest and direct – you should be as well. I go all–in on every project.

How can I help?

Let me know what you're looking for and we'll chat to see if I'm the right fit.

Don't like forms? Reach me at desk@jrdnbwmn.com.