Hi, I'm Jordan.

I'm a designer + front-end engineer and this is my online office.

I work with both design and engineering in the browser. Specifically, I focus on these six areas:

⇨ Mobile-first approach

⇨ Performance

⇨ UX/Usability


⇨ Intelligent architecture

⇨ Objective-driven design

Freelance designer and engineer for hire

Building a site from scratch? Doing a redesign? Improving what you already have? Refactoring your code base? I’m happy to help, and I’ll bring the doughnuts.

“It’s easy to see that Jordan is a huge asset for any company he works for.”
– Paul Haberny

I like to make things that are responsive, results-driven, beautiful, and performant. I go all-in on every project and as your partner, I focus on utilizing my expertise to meet your specific goals.

Here are some things I’ve worked on:


I built the template Fore with a pageless design and UI aimed at providing an effective structure for boosting conversions.


Most of Piccoli’s traffic is on a mobile device, so I built a responsive site that retains all the functionality of their desktop version.


Pear illustrates my expertise – it’s an advanced, front-end launching kit I manage that utilizes the latest coding practices.


Detox is a popular Ghost theme I created to be minimalistic and contemporary, encouraging complete focus on the writer’s content.

Currently, I’m open to just about anything. This, for me, is about variety, meeting new people, working on quality products, and gaining new experiences. Regardless of your budget, requirements, or location, get in touch and we’ll see if we can work something out!

Design and code reviews

A quick, affordable service I offer is remote design and code reviews.

Design Reviews

Purpose: help you improve visual appeal and utilize principles of design to better accomplish your goals.

The review covers things like usability, readability, information architecture, overall aesthetic, and conversion optimization.

Code Reviews

Purpose: help you improve your front-end engineering system and final product, now and for the long term.

The review covers things like syntax and formatting, performance, efficiency, architecture and structure, pragmatism, and maintainability.

“Jordan is not afraid of his ideas and he is a clear thinker.”
– Travis Standley

How it works:

  1. You give me access to your full design or codebase.
  2. I take two days to review and evaluate things.
  3. On the third business day, I return a comprehensive review document with suggestions and concrete examples.
  4. Once you’ve digested the feedback, we arrange a Skype call to discuss the review and answer any questions you have.

Each review is $450.

You can get both for $800.

If you have any questions about the reviews or any of my other services, please feel free to email me.

My name is Jordan Bowman. I'm a designer and front-end engineer, currently available for hire.

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